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Lets unleash the potential of women and girls, especially those in vulnerable situations, to act creatively for themselves and their communities.

Impact Campaign

What makes Asma's story more inspiring is that in her journey of self-growth, she chose not to walk alone but to lift up the lives of many more out of their painful conditions."

-Alya Al Musai, Head of Communication at The Big Heart Foundation
Human beings are already analysts and problem-solvers in their own right and this inner potential can be unleashed with the support of empowerment programs that enable us to believe in ourselves and our capacity to understand and overcome the problems we care most about.

In 2021, we witnessed the magic that unfolds when women unleash this inner potential through the experience of Asmaa Rashed. It was within the confines of the Zaatari refugee camp where Asmaa's transformative journey began. In 2014, she received a 2 day training on how to lead reading-aloud circles to children by Dr. Rana Dajani, founder of We Love Reading. This opportunity became a catalyst for Asmaa's self-discovery, unveiling her inner strength and igniting a passion for making a difference. Asmaa evolved powerful force of change using reading-aloud as a pathway to lift up the lives of adolescent girls in her community by nurturing their sense of self-worth and their ability to determine their own choices. This inspiring story became the award-winning documentary film, The Neighborhood Storyteller.

The Neighborhood Storyteller's impact campaign takes Asmaa's inspiring story to the world! Through the transformative power of emotional storytelling, meaningful dialogue, and supporting impactful empowerment programs, it contributes to fostering empowerment, resilience, and positive change among refugees and women and girls, especially in underprivileged communities.
The Impact Campaign seeks to establish partnerships with organizations around the globe who are dedicated to addressing the issues emphasized in the film, such as gender equality, human rights, social justice, refugees, mental health and emotional wellbeing, education, and literacy. The campaign provides partners with The Neighborhood Storyteller's advocacy package to support, complement, and advance their respective goals, ultimately contributing to the overarching objective of inspiring and enabling one million more women and girls around the world to follow Asmaa's lead and unleash their full potential.
Impact Goals
Use the film to ignite inspiration among women and girls, especially those in vulnerable situations, motivating them to take proactive steps towards enhancing their lives and making positive contributions to their communities.
Target reach: 1 million women & girls
Inspire and spark dialogue among leaders, key stakeholders and decision makers about best practices to empower women and girls in vulnerable situations.
Target reach: 100+ screening events, 5,000+ viewers.

Raise awareness about the importance of grassroots social change driven by the empowerment of women and girls in vulnerable situations.
Global Digital, TV, and Educational Release to the general public.


A special thanks to our most committed impact partner.
 Susan M. Sherrerd