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Through "The Neighborhood Storyteller" we invite people to learn more about Asmaa, her impact, goals and objectives. Asmaa is a representative of the millions of beneficiaries supported by The Big Heart Foundation (TBHF) and other charities and organizations around the world. True and tangible impact is often led and endorsed by those we support and serve. At The Big Heart Foundation, this represents our objective and our main evaluation criterion for the projects we do. The film is a representation of how empowering an individual through adversity can transform their lives and create a positive ripple effect in their community.
Together we can multiply the impact. There are many ways you can get involved…


Fill out the form to host a screening of The Neighborhood Storyteller in your community. We will support you with a complimentary screening and discussion guide.
Follow Asmaa's lead and take a two day training on the art of reading aloud for pleasure to children and how to start a library in your community. 
This story is based on the life of Asmaa. Use Asmaa's book to inspire children  that they too can lead the change. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has garnered unprecedented reactions from societies around the world. As many families and businesses continue to struggle through these tough times, communities continue to come together to show solidarity, unity, and endless giving to support those who are most vulnerable and in need.

Public Release Date

Late 2024

Impact Campaign
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